Electric Car Conversion Kit: Do-It-Yourself

Check The Driving Radius Before Buying The Kit

There are electric car conversion kits available from vendors and they can be used for conversion in a do-it-yourself fashion. When making the transition, it is firstly important to check and see what type of car will best be suited for the electric car conversion kit and which one best suits individual needs. Most of the electric cars have a driving range between 30 to 70 miles so, if you will only be commuting in this range then having an electric car conversion kit fitted in your vehicle makes sense.

The second important aspect regarding the electric car conversion kit is knowing which type of car its best suited for. Having one for short range travel for light weight sedan would be ideal whereas a pick up van or truck is more suitable for utility purposes. The fancier electric car conversion kits have even been used in cars that can be used for short races and speedier accelerations, but these are few and far between.

A typical electric car conversion kit may enable the car to travel at speeds of up to 25 MPH with a payload between two and four passengers and costs less than $10,000. The electric car conversion kit should be well designed and manufactured and may include the motor, controllers, battery-chargers, as well as fiberglass car bodies. Add to that is the need to change the batteries every year which, in any case, amounts to just about $300 and is considerably cheaper than costs for gasoline, anti-freezing, hosing, filters, belts, radiator repairs, exhaust system and tune-up of engines that ordinary gas driven cars entail.

At present, there are very few electric vehicles available and so converting the gasoline driven car with the help of an electric car conversion kit is a good choice to make as building your own electric vehicle is a fun-filled experience that is both rewarding and exhilarating and poses a challenge to the user. Since electric vehicles do not pollute the environment they are a good alternative technology to the gas driven cars. There are a number of factors that need to be considered before settling on one particular electric car conversion kit.

You may begin with selecting the driving range that you intend to travel with your electric vehicle and select a kit that will best serve your purpose. Secondly, there is the need to have proper and adequate set of tools and supplies along with an appropriate amount of free space where to do the conversion. Then, you need to be familiar with the components and know how to remove the ICE components and replace them with the electric vehicle components. Next, install the motor, components, battery box and batteries and also install the propulsion wiring, auxiliary power system and the traction pack changing system as well as displays and controls. Make sure that everything will have been tested before actually putting the electric vehicle in to normal use.

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