Quiet And Efficient: An Electric Car Engine

There seems to be more interest all the time in hybrid and electric cars, especially since the price of gas is extremely high and many people just can’t afford as much traveling as they once could. The basic definition of an electric car engine is a car engine that is run by an electric motor instead of an engine that uses gas.

Usually, you wouldn’t even know that there is an electric car engine under the hood of the car, since many cars are converted from a gas engine to an electric car engine. The only dead giveaway to a car using an electric car engine besides opening the hood and looking at the engine is the almost silent nature of the car. Even if a gas powered car is in good repair and isn’t having any problems, it still makes some noise. With a car powered by an electric car engine, the car engine is almost completely silent when operating.

Basics Of An Electric Car Engine

Instead of pipes, hose and various other lines, an electric car engine and its components are mostly wiring. When you are converting a gas engine to an electric car engine, you will pull quite a few of the original components out. The muffler, tailpipe, gas tank and the gas engine will all be gone by the time you are done. You will replace these items with a battery, an electric motor, a water pump, and if you choose to install power steering or an air conditioning system, the components for those systems will need to be installed as well. Also, the original gas gauge will be replaced with an indicator that will tell you how full the charge on the battery is. It still looks remarkably like a gas tank indicator, but indicates the amount of battery charge instead of the amount of gas available.

Other than the main engine components, most of the car can remain the way it was. The batteries generally last for around three years, so you will have to replace the batteries after a few years. However, overall, your cost of running an electric car engine will end up saving you money, even with the cost of the redoing the entire engine.

Even though it may sound like a major undertaking, refitting a gas engine with an electric car engine is probably not quite as complicated as you may think. It will cost several thousand dollars to replace, but if you keep your car for long enough, it will pay for itself by saving money on gas.

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