The World Of The Electric Powered Car

An electric powered car has long been the stuff of legends, but it is now becoming a commonality in our world and in our culture, no longer appearing on the sidelines of life but rather cruising down the main thoroughfare with the wind in its hair. Yes, the electric powered car is certainly strutting to the beat of its own environmentally friendly drummer and it is doing it so well that it is starting to get a lot of attention from the gasoline industry. The gas industry does not like the electric car’s supposed infringement on their right to bear oil, so a turf war may be pending.

In order to understand this combativeness more clearly, we need to look at exactly what it is that the electric powered car might have that the gasoline powered car does not have. The answer becomes quite clear, even by looking at the names, that the electric car does not have a reliance on fossil fuels for its operation. Instead, the electric car runs on electricity which is generated through a power cell and a battery. This type of unlimited supply presents a rather dubious challenge to the gas industry and contains more threatening vulgarities than ever thought possible.

The Gas Industry Response

The gas industries will doubtlessly fire back at the electric powered car and may take the battle to the streets with more furor than ever, especially given the notion that their very existence is threatened by this vehicular assault on the senses. In fact, the electric powered car so verily threatens their existence that they have prepared a statement of demands against the electricity industry and have apparently threatened to hold many electrical appliances hostage until their solidity as a fuel source is somewhat protected from extinction.

In the end, it is not known if the electric powered car will overcome the gasoline industry’s onslaught, but it is known that the gas industry will stop at nothing to try to put the gains of the electric powered car asunder. For this reason, supporting electric cars has become a passion of many in the underground vehicle world and this uprising will one day cause the gas industry to stop and take notice lest the army of people walking to work grows to alarming degrees. This is the fight of the environment on those polluting the earth, and the electric powered car is the hero in the battle of the century.

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