The Question of Electric Vehicle Battery Size

We all have used batteries in the course of our everyday lives, whether consciously or unconsciously. And with the recent trend of miniaturization of things going on we often completely forget that batteries are everywhere. Until they stop working, that is!

It’s a little different with larger high-powered batteries. They are used and recharged and require maintenance. With the advent of the electric vehicle as a viable driving alternative, the conversation must soon come to the realities of the electric vehicle battery. Of immediate concern are capacity, size and weight.


Now this article has as its focus the size of electric vehicle batteries. For example, a standard vehicle battery measured in inches (9 x 12 x 7). The car battery market is well established and at the present time, size is inextricably tied to capacity. The real issue is power - power for acceleration and maintaining speeds above 10-15 mph which require lots of amperage (Amps).

So, in the case of electric cars, more capacity means more amps and more amps require more electric vehicle batteries. This is where size plays a part; it’s about the space needed for sufficient battery storage.

Size vs. Weight

Size is not the only problem with the use of electric vehicle batteries. With our current technology, with size comes weight and this further complicates electric vehicle efficiency. Starting with a car full of batteries leaves little room for people, additional payloads and everyday shopping items.

Step By Step

So we start small. We’re already used to golf carts; now we’re seeing that the two seater electric vehicle is coming into its own in urban areas. We haven’t solved all the problems yet, but the process has finally begun – people are considering driving electric vehicles, battery issues aside. Alternative lifestyle isn’t just for hippies anymore.

People are changing their opinions, with growing concern about environmental impact, economic sustainability and the rising cost of dependence on oil-based fuels. All these factors are playing their part in what could become a great national transformation.

Hybrids are bridging the gap while an old industry reinvents itself. Eventually the electric vehicle battery issues will resolve themselves. Meanwhile, take a quiet stroll and think about what a quiet, peaceful ride in the fresh air would be like. You never know – we might even enjoy slowing down to stop and smell the roses.


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