The Best Of Both Worlds: A Hybrid Car Engine

A hybrid car engine is an engine that operates off both gas power and electric power. A hybrid car engine can switch between the gas engine and the electric engine effortlessly, and is able to determine which engine it should use at any given moment.

Hybrid car engines are becoming more and more accessible and available to the average consumer. The cost of hybrid cars is slowly going down so that eventually, most people will be able to afford one. For now, your investment can probably be recouped within a few years simply by the amount you will save at the gas pump.

The Basics Of A Hybrid Car Engine

A hybrid car engine uses both a gas engine and an electric engine. The basic principle of a hybrid car engine is to get the best results in a given situation. For example, when a hybrid car hits the freeway, the hybrid car engine switches over from the electric engine to the gas engine. Generally speaking, this is because the electric engine by itself doesn’t have the staying power for the highway. If you mostly drive around town, the electric engine will mostly be the engine the car chooses to use.

One thing that takes getting used to with a hybrid car engine is the almost eerie silence of the electric engine. Electric engines just do not make nearly as much noise as gas engines do. The electric half of the engine also has the ability to recharge itself. This happens by using the power or heat generated when the brakes are applied. The car recycles this energy back into powering itself. With a hybrid car engine, you do not need to plug the battery in to recharge it, it is built to recharge itself.

Hybrid car engines can be found in a good variety of cars today. Even some small SUVs are equipped with hybrid car engines and get a little bit better gas mileage than their gas engine only counterparts.

In the future, it is quite possible that most of us will be driving only electric engine cars. For the time being, hybrid cars are a step in between the worlds of gas engines and electric engines. Eventually we may have a quieter world overall as the world slowly converts to electric engines only, but for the time being hybrids are a great step in between and will save you money at the gas pump.

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