Hybrid Electric Gas Vehicle: Don’t Let High Fuel Costs Depress You For Long

Cheaper And Cleaner Alternative Vehicles

The high anxiety felt when going to a gas station and filling the car’s tank with gas seems to be growing in proportion to the steep gas bills. This is reason enough for auto manufacturers to start thinking ahead about finding alternative methods to propel cars that use cleaner and more efficient means of propulsion and the hybrid electric gas vehicle neatly slots into such a futuristic scenario. This situation is being addressed by the auto industry which has come up with the idea of hybrid vehicles and in particular, the hybrid electric gas vehicle.

What needs to be understood at the outset is what are the things being put under the hood that makes these cars give as much as 20 to 30 more miles per gallon and how do these hybrid electric gas vehicles contribute positively to the environment by not emitting hazardous gases and thus reduce the greenhouse effect. The hybrid electric gas vehicle is just what it seems to mean from its name and it is a cross between a car powered by gasoline and the electric driven car and the hybrid electric vehicle has a gas tank providing fuel to the engine which in turn, transmits it through the transmission system in order to turn the wheels.

The hybrid electric gas vehicle consists of the gasoline tank, gasoline engine, electric motor, generator, batteries and the transmission. The gasoline engine in the hybrid electric gas vehicle is similar to that found in the conventional gas driven cars though it is smaller and makes use of more advanced technology to enable it not emit gases as well as increase fuel efficiency. The fuel tanks are also similar to the normal auto cars on the market but, it is the sophistication of the electric motor of the hybrid electric gas vehicle that allows it to act both as a motor as well as a generator.

The other components of the hybrid electric gas vehicles are more or less the same as the normal fuel driven cars. The generator on the hybrid electric gas vehicle acts only to create energy while the batteries are the energy storage devices for the electric motor and the transmission too, is similar to those of the conventional automobiles. Driving the hybrid electric gas vehicle can result in greater economy and the owner can save as much as 50 percent of their fuel costs.


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