Mini Electric Car: A New Emerging Trend In Automobiles Worldwide

From Japan To India The Mini Electric Car Is Making A Small Beginning

The market for mini electric cars is heating up, especially in far off Japan where Mitsubishi Motors is planning to launch its own version of the mini electric car by the year 2010. The steep rise in petrol costs has forced manufacturers of cars and automobiles to think ahead to cheaper and more efficient cars and the electric car is one such option that has the manufacturers thinking seriously about its use and advantages. Mitsubishi Motors has recently displayed a test version of the mini electric car that has motors embedded in the rear wheels and is powered by lithium-ion batteries.

This planned test mini electric car will be able to travel approximately 90 miles on a single charge and has a top speed of around 90 miles an hour and can easily be recharged in the home, from an electric outlet. The mini electric car is meant to serve the housewife who needs to travel short distances like going to and fro from the school for their children or just to pop around to the neighborhood grocery store. Owning a mini electric car will also not necessitate making trips to the gas station at all.

Though officials at Mitsubishi Motors expect the price of their mini electric cars to be slightly above those of the fuel driven cars, they are hopeful to bring the prices further down through obtaining aid from the Japanese government and the expected cost of such cars is approximately US$19,000. As far as its overseas sales of mini electric cars is concerned, the firm has no fixed plans as they cost quite a bit and so will not be conducive to selling in bigger numbers.

In the US, the government has passed strict regulations have made the use of ground-breaking and more efficient mini electric cars next to impossible. This, in spite of the fact that these electric cars are zero emission vehicles that are practical, economical to use and are clean as well. Due to the soaring prices of gasoline worldwide, countries around the world are seeking to find alternative vehicles such as the mini electric car to not only keep the cost of traveling low but also to keep the environment free of exhaust fumes.

In India, there is an electric car called the REVA which is designed uniquely and can turn many a head with its genuine city looks and mature expression. It uses advanced technologies and has all the advantages associated with electric cars and presently, there are more than 900 such vehicles on the road as well as 100 that are being sold abroad with it being test marketed in countries such as USA, Norway, Switzerland, Cyprus, Japan and Sri Lanka.


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