New Electric Car: A Few Outstanding Examples

Feel The Unmatched Power Of The Tesla Roadster

There is a growing and burgeoning market that caters to the new electric cars that are slowly becoming more popular and thanks to their low emissions are an environment friendly vehicle that do not pollute the atmosphere and are economical to run as well. One popular vehicle in the emerging category of new electric cars is the ZENN, which is a zero-emission, noiseless luxury neighborhood electric car and is ready to get on the road and qualify as a good alternative technology car that is stylish and also environment friendly at the same time.

It comes with a stylish digital dashboard consisting of speed, voltage and amperage gauges as well as heating controls. The easily accessible climate controls are smart and convenient to use as are the rear defroster switches and the optional in-car audio systems. Not to be outdone by its competing gasoline driven cars, the ZENN also has power windows and central locking features. To recharge the batteries there is a recharging dock that can easily fit any typical 110 volt outlet.

Another new experience is felt when one tries out another new electric car variant in the form of the XEBRA, which is not only unique but also agile at the same time and its silent operations and deft handling are in stark contrast to the more noisy and cumbersome fuel driven vehicles. This new electric car is the culmination of years of thoughtful research and has evolved through the years into a new breed of cars. There is a case for calling it a reinvention of the wheel because the usage and main aim of this particular type of car is far removed from those of the gas cars.

The main advantage of these new electric cars is the singular lack of pollution that they cause, which is thought to be only 10 percent of what the fuel driven cars emit. In addition, there is plenty to smile about when saving on high fuel costs and one can indeed forget all about dangerous oil spills and hazardous fumes forever. It is not very heavy on energy consumption and when the need arises, it can easily be recharged from a convenient electrical outlet.

The new electric car that catches the eye most is the Tesla Roadster, which looks a bit like a shrunken version of the Porsche Carrera GT but don’t let its looks fool you because it comes with stupendous power in the form of a staggering 240 horsepower electric motor coupled with a gigantic lithium-ion battery that makes it a powerhouse waiting to take on stiff competition since it can even accelerate from 0-60 miles an hour in four seconds, faster than the Porsche 911. It only costs a penny per mile with a range of between 200 to 250 miles.

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