Small Electric Car: A Good Competition To High Cost Gasoline Driven Cars

From 1830 Up To The Present The Small Electric Car Has Undergone Many Change

The first small electric car had already rolled out of the production lines as early as 1830 but because of inefficient batteries was not able to match the steam driven locomotives of the day. Around 1860, more efficient batteries were being produced that could be recharged but it still did not make the small electric car competitive enough to threaten the bigger cars. It is believed that in 1899 a Belgian electric car set a land speed record by traveling at 68 miles per hour.

By the turn of the Twentieth Century the Ford T had appeared and was largely instrumental in driving other electricity driven cars out of the market. But, when in the 1970s, gasoline prices began to raise interest revived in the small electric car and some of these early small electric cars began to be sold in numbers with one such model known as the Citicar selling 2,000 units. However, the problem of recharging the batteries persisted and also the range of the small electric car was limited.

The electricity that is generated from as many as 12 to 24 batteries within the small electric car is enough to propel it and one can generally travel 100 miles before the batteries need to be recharged. However, the exception to this is the Energizer Bunny that can go on and on but, models like the Ford Think Neighborhood Vehicle is also perfect for traveling short distances.

In fact, Ford Motors has taken one more huge step to kick start the development of the small electric car by buying the majority share of the Norwegian company PIVCO industries, which manufactures the THINK small electric car. This car stands out and has a corrosion free and matte finish thermoplastic body and the frame is made of aluminum that is strong as well as being able to meet European safety standards. It can travel at around 55 miles per hour and can go up to 100 miles while battery charging takes around three to fours.

Mostly, there are small companies that make small electric cars though bigger brand names also produce their own small electric cars. It is also possible to buy a kit and make an electric car in one’s own garage by assembling the kit together. Some people also buy and assemble their own electric cars and go to the extent of making them look like gasoline cars and even, sports cars.

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